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Less Is More.
Top 3 Digital Trends You Need to Follow For A Better Hospitality Catering: Gen X & Gen Y.

Millennialism today is all about “less is more”. There is not one target market in hospitality Industry Today. While Gen Z travelers put experience above everything else, Gen X’ers prefer a laid back day on the beach or pampering themselves in rejuvenating Spa.

What do we learn? Customization Is the Key.

Technology is running away from us and we can barely play catchup. As innovative solutions evolve at a rapid pace, there is so much that can be done to improve the experiences of hotel guests through identifying specific issues and plugging an automated solution that works round the clock.

Employing technology means you are taking the burden away from human resources and move the focus on delivering experience in the now. This is what matters most to your guests after all. Here are 3 most important ways you can streamline and improve your operational and hotel reputation management efficiencies.

1. AI is The New Pied Piper: Communicating With Your Guests Using The Best Technology Possible.

One of the latest trends in the hotel industry is to ensure the guest feels welcome even before their arrival. An artificial intelligence based communication system can help hotel brand in pre check-in engagement with the guest such as sending a welcome email containing all the running offers and information related to available amenities they can make use of.

This doesn’t only help the hotel in engaging with the guest and building repertoire but upselling a variety of supplementary services which directly affect the bottom line.

2. Automate, Innovate & Nail It..

The value of managing personal relationships with your regular and former guests can’t be understated. Hotel that keep their previous customers reminding of their existence tend to do well in terms of improving brand recognition and customer loyalty. And this is one area where hotels can make the full use of automated bots and innovative technologies in managing PR and marketing.

You can keep personal reminders in your database and give a pleasant surprise to your customer base by sending an email containing wishes related to special days such as birthday, New Year and other cultural and religious occasions. This technology can also be used to engage the guests who are currently staying at your hotel. This will enable you to deliver unforgettable hotel experiences and that’s what counts the most in hospitality industry.

3. New Age, Contemporary & Modern Hospitality Services For The Best.

There are services like which bring you a range of diverse services to deal with hotel reputation management, improving guest satisfaction and curating a stellar online presence with high reputation score. These services are usually a suite of multiple tools including review management, response management, review analytics, competitive analysis, social media monitoring, issue tracking and more.

Using a service like means you can be at a peace of mind as everything related to your hotel reputation management is taken care of. From gathering reviews from all online platforms to posting personalized Reponses to conducting accurate analysis for actionable insights; every aspect is covered and you can focus on your business while making informed decisions.

Manager- Advertising & PR // Dikshita Rao // September 10, 2019 // 5 minute read