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Does Your Restaurant Spark Too Much Criticism? Top 4 Ways to Leave Your Guests Amazed..

Restaurant business thrives on one thing - experience. If your customers don't have a good experience at your restaurant, they are not likely to visit you again and more importantly tell people in their social circle that you're not that good.

Word of mouth reputation is huge in restaurant industry and you can use it to your advantage by delivering stellar experiences. If you're struggling to get good reviews or have been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism, this is how you can turn around the ship. It's all about restaurant reputation management.

Train your resources to be your guest’s ‘Best Buddy’. After all who doesn’t want to be welcomed with a warm smile and warmer cup of coffee??

A little bit of courtesy, friendliness and empathy goes a long way in winning hearts of your diners. Train your staff to be respectful and accommodating of customers’ desires. Remember customers aren’t there just for the food, they are there for an experience. Ensure nothing gets in the way.

Check Up On Your Guests Occasionally: Stalking Is Not Always Bad ;) Be On The Tip Of Your Toes When It Comes To Your Guests.

To ensure that your customers leave satisfied and happy, you need to be vigilant and observant. Keep an eye on your customers while they eat and enjoy the experience and try to curb any dissatisfaction before it becomes an issue. Just make sure that you are not being intrusive.

Loyalty Guests Are Walking Brand Advertisements. Do Make Your Loyal One’s Feel Special. Coz’ They Deserve It..

If you have customers who frequent your place then come up with a plan to reward them. It could be a free dessert, free birthday celebration or a gift card. Customers love getting something back. It’s not just the material stuff they desire but the acknowledgment and respect you show through these gestures.

Now Let’s Talk About The Inevitable- They Say Your Brand Is What People Talk About You When You Are Not Present In the room. Be All Ears 24/7.

This is probably the most crucial aspect of restaurant reputation management. Make a plan and observe what your former customers have to say about you, try to engage them with personalized responses and make an effort to collect positive reviews through encouragement. If a customer is happy, they would be more than willing to write a few words for you.

Manager- Advertising & PR // Dikshita Rao // November 5, 2019 // 4 minute read